Funeral Service

Laajasalo Funeral Service helps you with planning the funeral and making the necessary arrangements.
Funeral arrangements can be made by phone, on our website or in person at our store or at your residency.

Our service is focused on the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen).

Olemme rakentaneet valmiiksi muutamia kokonaisuuksia, joita voi käyttää sellaisenaan ja joista näkee mitä pitää ottaa huomioon.

By using our online calculator you can easily estimate the total cost of the alternative plans for the funeral.

With our small but professional team of partners we can arrange for you a photographer, legal service, catering service and a headstone supplier.

If necessary, we are prepared to assist you with funeral arrangements like choosing the burial plot or booking the time for the blessing of the deceased.